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Melodic Gigspace: Creating Musical Opportunities


Note: Site is now being set up – I hope to be up and running in the next couple of weeks

You can check out my album ‘Spirit Flame’ at stevegeroe.bandcamp.com

I have a couple of tracks you can find by searching Steve Geroe on Spotify, and another at www.facebook.com/steven.geroe




Matching Musicians, Venues and Audiences:


  • Musicians enter their availability to perform gigs
  • Venues enter their available/required times for gigs

Both musicians and venues are free to enter as much or as little info as they like regarding conditions of

the gig, including payment. Melodic Gigspace need not be not involved in these communications

Potential audience members can click their interest in the gig. So venue operators can propose gigs, based on a specified level of interest.

Showcasing Up-and-Coming Musicians:

  • Musicians are invited to upload sound files or videos
  • or links to their own web sites or links to other sites to promote their music

What Kind of Music?

  • Any kind of melodic music is welcome – anyone who can hold a tune
  • Having said that, I’m most excited about networking and facilitating across the acoustic singer-songwriter and classical range
  • I plan to showcase featured and recommended artists


  • Acoustic/Singer Songwriters
  • Classical
  • World/Traditional
  • American roots styles – blues, bluegrass, Cajun, rockabilly, swing . . .   
  • Jazz and Fusion
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Modern Classical
  • Spiritual (from traditional eclectic to New Age)
  • Other: Yep, anything with a tune!

Personalised Gigs

This is where I can really see some good things happening!

  • Venues: pubs, cafes, clubs – where you would expect to see a gig
  • Personalised gigs – why not choose the ideal setting for a gig, and hire the kind of musicians you would most like to share it with?
  • This could suit aspiring acoustic musicians and songwriters and classical musicians, including students.
  • The concept is for fairly low-price, essentially mini scale crowd funded gigs with the proceeds going to musicians and an opportunity to get the original material out there into the bargain
  • Could be a mandolin and fiddle by a crackling winter fire in a pub, some chamber music with a ‘soiree’ of friends and family, a harp concert in a cafe or a few musos along to a picnic by the Yarra

Your Profile

  • I hope musicians will use the site to really engage with their prospective listeners. Musicians will be able to upload or provide links to their work, and also reflect on it and about things in general. The better the images, tracks and sharing of thoughts the happier I’ll be.
  • I’ll be happy if users of the site expand this into two-way and more likely many faceted communication through a blog link.

Providing links and profile for related musical services:

  • Teachers, recording spaces, shops and so on are welcome to provide content and links

 Providing links and profile for related musical services:

  • Teachers, recording spaces, shops and so on are welcome to provide content and links

 Other Performing Arts

  •   Other performing artists are welcome to use the site too – for example theatre or dance.